Renssant Freedive Seattle

About me

Hello, I am Ryan Strong, a Seattle-based outdoor enthusiast and freediving instructor. While I’ve spent over a decade working in the outdoor industry, my true passion lies in exploring the underwater world. Since taking my first freediving course on the Island of Hawai’i, I’ve been obsessed with the meditative, beautiful experience of holding my breath and diving into the depths.

As a certified FII Level 1 Freediver instructor, I’m thrilled to offer courses in the Seattle area starting this summer 2023. My goal is to share the transformative power of freediving with others and to help students develop the skills and confidence needed to safely explore the underwater world.

I’ve had the privilege of instructing and guiding individuals through the rugged terrain of the PNW, and have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of outdoor experiences. While my roots are in the mountains, I’ve found that freediving offers a unique opportunity to connect with oneself and the natural world. The feeling of being part of the ocean, enveloped in tranquility, is truly one-of-a-kind.

When I’m not teaching or diving, I’m a proud parent to an amazing three-year-old and a glass artist who teaches beginning glass blowing at Pratt Fine Art Center. I believe that a life lived in pursuit of passion and exploration is a life well-lived, and I look forward to sharing my passion for freediving and exploring the underwater world.

Join me in the Pacific Northwest for an unforgettable freediving experience. Let’s dive together soon!